Venezuelan Typical Food

About us


 Venezuelans like any other group of immigrants search for the flavor, the taste, that small sample of food that will take them home in one bite and, that is what we try to do in our  small business, Antojitos,  give the Venezuelan family  and the rest of our dear  customers the best service and  taste of some of Venezuelan  traditional dishes.


At our place you will find a small variety of Venezuelan white cheeses (pre packaged):

-Queso Guayanés

-Queso Telita

-Queso Blanco Duro Rallado

- Nata Criolla


In our Menu you will find:

Our  "Chicha", a creamy and delicious sweet beverage made with rice and milk which Venezuelans love and crave.

Latin American food is well known for the variety of dishes made  from corn, in Venezuela we make the traditional Cachapas ( made with fresh corn that is grounded and then mixed into a thick batter and cooked like pancakes) at Antojitos you will find them grilled to perfection and served with a generous portion of our delicious queso guayanés.  We also offer the packages of five Cachapas (plain)for sale.

  Empanadas  made with ground white corn meal and filled with your choice of shredded meat, chicken, cheese or fish. People like to eat them with our home made creamy and delicious hot sauce.

We also have the popular Arepas (Venezuelan Corn bread)  which  people crave and we offer them  with a variety of cheeses, also with  chicken salad and avocado (reina pepiada), blackened roast beed (asado negro) or roasted pork (pernil) .

For the Holidays we offer the traditional Hallacas( a tamal like dish filled with  beef, chicken, pork, olives, capers, raisins ) and Hallacas Vegetarianas (Vegetarian Tamales). .


Among other items you will find:

Tequeños - a tequeño is prepared with a bread dough with queso  blanco (white cheese) in the middle, which we keep warm so the cheese inside is melted and soft.  We also offer the tequeños in larger quantities for parties or catering.


 Pastelitos made with wheat flour and stuffed with ground beef, potatoes and carrots; these crisp beautifully fried circles are a delight to our customers .  We have  Cachitos de Jamón (Ham Crescent Rolls) and  our golden and delicious Mini Pan de Jamón, a small roll filled with ham, bacon, olives, capers and raisins


We also cater for the sweet lovers and we sell the traditional "Golfeados". They are baked, sweet rolls in spiral form, filled with papelón (sugar cane), grated white cheese and flavored with anise. We offer a Chocolate cake sprinkled with powder sugar which children love  and the Banana Nut Cake which people of all ages like very much. Another big hit are our Russian Tea cookies or Polvorosas con Nueces  that are a delight to our customers.  We have slices of Pie de Mango y Pie de Manzana (Mango Pie and Apple Pie) and, Dulce de Lechosa  (Candied Papaya ) and Dulce de Durazno (Peaches in Syrup)


Among other beverages we offer Jugo de Parchita (Passion Fruit Juice) and Jugo de Mora (Blackberry Juice)  Cup and we also carry a selection of sodas and the famous and popular "Malta Polar" a delight among Venezuelans.


We, at Antojitos, hope that you will come to visit and enjoy the taste of our traditional cuisine.
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