Venezuelan Typical Food

  • Chicha
  • Café con leche
    Café con leche
  • Tequeños
  • Empanaditas para fiestas
    Empanaditas para fiestas
  • Empanada de Pabellón
    Empanada de Pabellón
  • Cachapa
  • Parrillita venezolana
    Parrillita venezolana
  • Empanada de queso
    Empanada de queso
  • Arepas
  • Hallacas


* Chicha (Sweet and refreshing beverage made with rice, vanilla and milk, topped with ground cinnamon ) $3.50


*Tisana (Fruit cocktail made with fresh slices  of tangerines, oranges, watermelon, grapes, papaya and pineapple served iced cold in a 16 oz.cup) $3.50


* Jugos de Parchita (Passion Fruit Juice)  y Mora (Blackberry Juice) $ 3.00

* Papelón con Limón (Raw hardened sugar cane and lime Juice) $3.00

* Golfeados (Sugar cane rolls with shredded cheese and anise seeds )  $3.00


* Tequeños  (Bread-sticks filled with White soft cheese)  2x$1.50


* Cachapas con queso (Sweet corn Pancakes  stuffed with white soft cheese)$7.00 - With different meats (pork, chorizo, roast beef) the prices vary


* Empanadas  de carne, pollo, queso y Dominó( caraotas y queso) (Shredded beef, chicken, cheese or black beans and cheese  stuffed corn flour patties)  $3.50


* Empanadas de Pabellón (shredded beef, black beans, white cheese and plantains empanadas) $3.50

*Empanadas de Cazón(Snapper Shark  empanadas) $3.50

*Pasteles Horneados: Espinaca y queso o Vegetarianos (Baked spinach and cheese or vegetarian wheat flour patties) $3.00


 *Pasteles de Carne o  Bacalo - Espinaca y Queso ( Wheat flour patties: Ground beef and potatoes -  or - Cod Fish and black olives ) $ 3.00


*Arepas Rellenas (stuffed corn meal patties) $6.00 - $10.00


* Torta  de Chocolate  (Sliced chocolate cake) $2.00


* Torta de Banana y nueces (Sliced banana nut bread)  $2.50


*Torta de Zanahoria y pasas (Sliced Carrot and Raisins cake) $2.50


*Pasteles de guayaba y queso (Guava and cheese pastries) $2.50

*For the Holidays we offer the traditional Hallacas (a tamal like dish filled with  beef, chicken, pork, olives, capers, raisins ) and Hallacas Vegetarianas (Vegetarian Tamales) $8.50

* Mini Pan de Jamón  (Small roll filled with sliced ham, olives, capers, raisins and bacon) $8.00


Venezuelan white cheeses (pre-packaged):

-Queso Guayanés - $ 10.00 x Pound

-Queso Telita - $ 5.00 x ½  Pound

-Queso Blanco Duro Rallado - $7.00 x ½  Pound

- Natilla Criolla $6 .00 x ½ Pound


* Picante Casero (Home Made Hot Sauce)   $ 6.00 x 8 ounces (1/2 pint)

Fuga con Pajarillo